Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya to Welcome New President on 4th July 2023!

The Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya is set to welcome new leadership as current President David Kamau (Dexter) schedules a handover for 4th of July 2023

In an exhilarating meeting to be held on the 4th of July 2023, the Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya will witness a joyful moment as they bid farewell to their outgoing President and welcome a dynamic new leader to steer the club’s course towards greater heights.

Amidst an atmosphere charged with anticipation and camaraderie, the outgoing President, Dexter will gracefully pass the torch to his successor, Yvonne Kiundi during a heartfelt handover ceremony. The event will be graced by esteemed Rotarians, Rotaractors, and distinguished guests, all eager to witness this significant transition.

Dexter, the outgoing President, is expected to reflect upon their remarkable tenure, highlighting the club’s accomplishments in community service, professional development, international service cooperation and fostering a spirit of unity among members. Their dedication and unwavering commitment will leave an indelible mark on the club and inspired countless Rotaractors to embrace the power of service. Speaking earlier before the handover day, Dexter is confident the incoming board under Yvonne’s leadership will do well.

With unwavering faith and boundless enthusiasm, we pass the baton to our esteemed incoming President and her exceptional board of directors. Their passion, dedication, and vision assure us that our beloved Rotaract club of TUK is in the most capable hands. As they embark on this transformative journey, we stand united in belief, knowing that under their leadership, the future shines brighter than ever before. Bottom of Form

David Kamau (Dexter),
Outgoing President RAC TUK

The soon taking up the mantle of leadership, Yvonne will exude passion and determination to carry forward the club’s legacy. With a visionary outlook and a deep-rooted belief in the potential of Rotaract, Yvonne is poised to lead the club towards new horizons, striving for impactful projects, fostering collaboration, and amplifying the club’s influence in creating positive change within the community.

Under the guidance of their new President, the Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya is set to embark on an exciting journey, exploring innovative service initiatives, nurturing personal growth, and strengthening bonds within the club and beyond. Through their infectious enthusiasm and transformative vision, Yvonne is poised to inspire Rotaractors to rally together and make a lasting difference.

As the Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya plan to usher in this new era, the entire Rotaract Family eagerly anticipates witnessing the incredible transformations that will unfold under the inspired leadership of President Yvonne Kiundi. Together, they aim to leave an indelible mark, empowering lives, and creating a better world through the power of service.Top of Form