Rotaract District 9212

The Anti Jigger Project

Jiggers or Chigoe fleas are sand fleas found in the sub-Saharan Climate that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. They are locally referred to as chinyende. Jigger infestation is one of the neglected public health problems in Kenya affecting over 4% of the population especially among the poorest households in endemic and high transition counties.

Out of the 306 villages in Bungoma County, 84 villages including Binyenya and Masaba are heavily infested with jiggers. 327 households in Sirisia are infested with jiggers with 803 known cases raging from moderately affected to severely affected.

Objective of the Anti-Jigger Project

The objective of the antijigger project was to sensitize the community on jigger management and preventing and controlling the spread of jiggers through treating the affected population.

Project Execution

The Time

28th Nov – 1st December 2019

The Team

Rotaract Clubs – Western Region


147 People Treated

Rotaract clubs from the Western region came together from the 28th November to 1st December to execute the project. One hundred and forty-seven people from Masaba and Binyenya village received treatment and homes with severe cases were fumigated.