Rotaract District 9212

The Green Rotaract Concept D9212

The Green Rotaract Concept is a Rotaract District 9212 initiative that focuses on environmental management and conservation projects. We seek to accomplish our objectives through tree planting, community cleanups, waste management site visits and community awareness campaigns.

Green Rotaract Concept was established in 2017 and continues to involve and encourage over 200 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in taking up environment projects and involving them in district wide projects. This has seen many clubs take up the challenge to take care of our environment and go green thus our mantra “DO NOT BE MEAN GO GREEN”

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Rotary & Rotaract Clubs

The Green Impact

Nairobi National Park Tree Planting

We planted acacia trees at the Nairobi National Park to rehabilitate it after the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway that destroyed the natural habitat for wild animals

Ethiopian Rotaract Clubs tree planting challenge

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Adopt a River Initiative

Through ‘Adopt a river initiative’ Rotary-UNEP project, we are actively involved in cleaning the heavily polluted Nairobi River.

Country Wide
Textiles Drive and Recycling

We have partnered with the WEEE CENTRE in Nairobi, Kenya to raise awareness on the significant dangers behind improper e-waste disposal. Our focus areas are:

  • Securing data destruction
  • Recovery and reuse of electronic equipment
  • IT Asset Disposal

Green Rotaract Events


Encouraging people to be creative using waste materials to create meaningful products

The Green Fest

In Ethiopia, we organize a youth popular festival known as the “The Green Fest”

Recycling Competitions

In Kenya we have organized a  a Recycling Competing where young people display their recycling projects, artefacts and innovative solutions.

Hangouts And Team building