Homecoming Ceremony for DRRE Nancy Njeri is scheduled for Saturday 1st day of July 2023 as Simba Union Club, Parklands host a memorable Create Hope in the World Year beginner

The city streets of Nairobi on the 1st of July will transform into a kaleidoscope of colors and jubilant faces. Local bands, cheerleaders, and vibrant floats decked with Rotaract insignia will fill the thoroughfares. Bystanders line the sidewalks, waving flags and cheering as the procession commences a symbol of unity and pride.

Some of the key activities will involve

  • DRR Handover to DRRE
  • District 9212Website display
  • The Rotaractor Magazine 2023 version launch
  • RYLA 2023 Charges disclosure

The Rotaract clubs from Country regions will join forces to mark this momentous occasion. Club banners and themes will flutter in the wind, representing the diverse cultures that have united under the Rotaract District 9212 banner. The atmosphere is charged with an energy that transcends borders, highlighting the power of collective action.

The Nairobi Safari Club is set to be transformed into a captivating exhibition, showcasing the exciting projects and initiatives spearheaded by the District Rotaract Representative. From impactful community service endeavors to empowering youth development programs, each display embodies the spirit of service above self.

DRRE Nancy Njeri had earlier hinted on how elated she feels as she awaits tomorrow, branding it as a foreseeable success.

When I think of 1st of July, I lack perfect words of describing the long awaited day

DRRE Nancy Njeri

Renowned Rotarians, District and Country Officials, ADRRs, Presidents, Directors, notable Rotaractors and Distinguished guests are expected to gather for a series of engaging seminars on Saturday. They will delve into topics such as leadership, social impact, and sustainable development.

The evening sky will be adorned with bursts of fireworks, lighting up the city in a dazzling display of celebration. The grand gala brings together Rotaractors, Rotarians, and distinguished guests, dressed in their finest attire. Amidst laughter, music, and heartfelt speeches, memories of the year’s accomplishments are shared, renewing the commitment to serve humanity.

As the day awaits DRR Lydia to take the center stage for a colorful handover, a poignant ceremony will commence. With grace and gratitude, the outgoing leader is expected to reflect on the transformative journey, while expressing confidence in the incoming representative’s ability to carry the torch forward. A symbolic exchange of responsibility solidifies the bond between past, present, and future leaders.

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