Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya to Welcome New President on 4th July 2023!

The Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya is set to welcome new leadership as current President David Kamau (Dexter) schedules a handover for 4th of July 2023

In an exhilarating meeting to be held on the 4th of July 2023, the Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya will witness a joyful moment as they bid farewell to their outgoing President and welcome a dynamic new leader to steer the club’s course towards greater heights.

Amidst an atmosphere charged with anticipation and camaraderie, the outgoing President, Dexter will gracefully pass the torch to his successor, Yvonne Kiundi during a heartfelt handover ceremony. The event will be graced by esteemed Rotarians, Rotaractors, and distinguished guests, all eager to witness this significant transition.

Dexter, the outgoing President, is expected to reflect upon their remarkable tenure, highlighting the club’s accomplishments in community service, professional development, international service cooperation and fostering a spirit of unity among members. Their dedication and unwavering commitment will leave an indelible mark on the club and inspired countless Rotaractors to embrace the power of service. Speaking earlier before the handover day, Dexter is confident the incoming board under Yvonne’s leadership will do well.

With unwavering faith and boundless enthusiasm, we pass the baton to our esteemed incoming President and her exceptional board of directors. Their passion, dedication, and vision assure us that our beloved Rotaract club of TUK is in the most capable hands. As they embark on this transformative journey, we stand united in belief, knowing that under their leadership, the future shines brighter than ever before. Bottom of Form

David Kamau (Dexter),
Outgoing President RAC TUK

The soon taking up the mantle of leadership, Yvonne will exude passion and determination to carry forward the club’s legacy. With a visionary outlook and a deep-rooted belief in the potential of Rotaract, Yvonne is poised to lead the club towards new horizons, striving for impactful projects, fostering collaboration, and amplifying the club’s influence in creating positive change within the community.

Under the guidance of their new President, the Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya is set to embark on an exciting journey, exploring innovative service initiatives, nurturing personal growth, and strengthening bonds within the club and beyond. Through their infectious enthusiasm and transformative vision, Yvonne is poised to inspire Rotaractors to rally together and make a lasting difference.

As the Rotaract Club of Technical University of Kenya plan to usher in this new era, the entire Rotaract Family eagerly anticipates witnessing the incredible transformations that will unfold under the inspired leadership of President Yvonne Kiundi. Together, they aim to leave an indelible mark, empowering lives, and creating a better world through the power of service.Top of Form


‘Create Hope in the World’ Rotary Year Dawns up as Clubs Plan Amazing Board Installations

New Rotary year gets underway as clubs prepare to host the highly anticipated Rotaract Installation Gala in the coming week. This remarkable event promises to mark the beginning of a new era of service and leadership, inspiring the community to make a positive impact.

Under the theme “Be Bold”, and ‘Create Hope in the World,” the Rotaract Installation Gala aims to ignite a spark of volunteerism and service.  Enthusiastic Rotaractors will gather at the respective exquisite venues to witness the transfer of power from the outgoing board to the incoming team.

Various Clubs are delighted to invite guests and Rotaractors, as well as Rotarians to their respective installation ceremonies;

  • Rotaract Club of The Technical University of Kenya- Millennium Food Court

22nd July 2023.

Theme; Masquerade

Damages: Rotaractors; 1200/=, Rotarians 1600/=

With the start of the New Rotary Year, the Rotaract Club of the Technical University of Kenya is excited to invite you to our installation ceremony on 22nd July 2023. The most vibrant club, the dancers club as you may call it, brings you the Masquerade party at the Millennial Food Court, Haile Selassie. It will be an afternoon full of energy, good food and good music. Who wouldn’t want that? Come experience our vibe as we usher in the new board and honour our previous. (Can’t wait for that Dexter speech). Our able Club Service Director promises even more of a good time after the event, if you know you know.

Nicole Masai,
The PR Diector, RAC TUK
  • Rotaract Club of Youth Connect-IF; Swiss Ledama Mount Hotel, Ralph Bunche Road

19th August 2023

Theme; Black and Mustard Yellow.

Clear your calendars, grab your pens, markers, or even better, your enchanted quills, and swiftly mark Rotaract Youth Connect-IF Charter Ceremony on 19th August, 2023. It’s time to step into a world of elegance and vibrancy with the perfect blend of Black and Mustard Yellow.  Rally your club members, your friends, your squad, your tribe and make sure they don’t miss out on this epic, exhilarating, fantastic newbie-usher!

RAC Youth Connect- IF
  • Rotaract Club of JKUAT; Canaville Resort, Juja

8th July 2023.

Theme: African

Calling all Rotaractors and Rotarians! Get ready for an electrifying celebration like no other!

You are cordially invited to the Grand Installation ceremony of the exceptional President Grace Wambui , proudly leading the Rotaract Club of JKUAT!  Mark your calendars for the 8th of July ,  as we come together to witness the dawn of a new era in service, fellowship, and impactful leadership. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of African culture as we ignite the spirit of unity, progress, and innovation. Dress in your finest African attire and let the vibrant colours, patterns, and traditions set the stage for an unforgettable afternoon. Let’s celebrate the diversity and strength of our beloved continent together!

Grace Wambui,
President, RAC JKUAT

Rotaract Club of Kisumu Winam – Le Savannah Country Club, Tom Mboya.

The Rotaract Club of Kisumu Winam brings to you amazing installation on the 1st July, 2023. Come dressed up in your attire for the African Theme. Be assured you will have fun!

Damages; Rotaractors/Guests – 1,500/=, Rotarians – 2,000/=

PR Rac Kisumu Winam.

The Rotaract Installation ceremonies aims to ignite a ripple effect, inspiring Rotaractors to unite, contribute, and build a better future together. Stay tuned for live updates and exclusive interviews as we bring you the highlights from this captivating event that will shape the future of our community.



Homecoming Ceremony for DRRE Nancy Njeri is scheduled for Saturday 1st day of July 2023 as Simba Union Club, Parklands host a memorable Create Hope in the World Year beginner

The city streets of Nairobi on the 1st of July will transform into a kaleidoscope of colors and jubilant faces. Local bands, cheerleaders, and vibrant floats decked with Rotaract insignia will fill the thoroughfares. Bystanders line the sidewalks, waving flags and cheering as the procession commences a symbol of unity and pride.

Some of the key activities will involve

  • DRR Handover to DRRE
  • District 9212Website display
  • The Rotaractor Magazine 2023 version launch
  • RYLA 2023 Charges disclosure

The Rotaract clubs from Country regions will join forces to mark this momentous occasion. Club banners and themes will flutter in the wind, representing the diverse cultures that have united under the Rotaract District 9212 banner. The atmosphere is charged with an energy that transcends borders, highlighting the power of collective action.

The Nairobi Safari Club is set to be transformed into a captivating exhibition, showcasing the exciting projects and initiatives spearheaded by the District Rotaract Representative. From impactful community service endeavors to empowering youth development programs, each display embodies the spirit of service above self.

DRRE Nancy Njeri had earlier hinted on how elated she feels as she awaits tomorrow, branding it as a foreseeable success.

When I think of 1st of July, I lack perfect words of describing the long awaited day

DRRE Nancy Njeri

Renowned Rotarians, District and Country Officials, ADRRs, Presidents, Directors, notable Rotaractors and Distinguished guests are expected to gather for a series of engaging seminars on Saturday. They will delve into topics such as leadership, social impact, and sustainable development.

The evening sky will be adorned with bursts of fireworks, lighting up the city in a dazzling display of celebration. The grand gala brings together Rotaractors, Rotarians, and distinguished guests, dressed in their finest attire. Amidst laughter, music, and heartfelt speeches, memories of the year’s accomplishments are shared, renewing the commitment to serve humanity.

As the day awaits DRR Lydia to take the center stage for a colorful handover, a poignant ceremony will commence. With grace and gratitude, the outgoing leader is expected to reflect on the transformative journey, while expressing confidence in the incoming representative’s ability to carry the torch forward. A symbolic exchange of responsibility solidifies the bond between past, present, and future leaders.