Rotaract District 9212

DRR's Message

Kennedy Gaya

District Rotaract Representative 2020-2021

Rotaract’s core goal is to develop leaders. To provide an enabling environment where young people are able to put to the test their ideas, share insights and make an impactful contribution in their communities.

Taking leadership as the District Rotaract Representative of District 9212 in Rotary Year 2020/21 is certainly an important step in my life and in my leadership growth. Preparing for this journey has been a cause of reflection, unlearning old habits and learning new ones, planning and strategic thinking.

Throughout this period, I have shared ideas with the best of minds within Rotaract, Rotary, and far beyond. An opportunity that has led me to uncover the soul of Rotary so as to understand that which is important to us.

However, in the words of our founding father Paul Harris, Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves. Our journey of 115 years now demands us to think differently, act differently and create impact differently and that is why we need to be excited about opening new doors of opportunities.

This Rotary year promises to be one that will be remembered for years to come. Great steps have been made to grow Rotaract. Most of these changes formally came to play on July 1 which begs the question; How prepared are you as a Rotaractor and as a Rotaract club?

We must reflect on the roots of our clubs to ensure we first understand where we are coming from. To relive our achievements and take note of our shortfalls. It is imperative that we reexamine the basic elements of our foundation in order to develop a vision of where we want to go and how to communicate this.

We need to have well-trained members who have a great understanding of Rotaract and of our clubs to help our guests and partners understand our passion.

We must learn to dispel guesswork out of our operations and breed curiosity on how we can improve our membership based on facts and data. Carry out member satisfaction surveys, request partners’ feedback, listen to our communities, and more importantly build an exciting club.

‘We must capture this moment to grow Rotaract, make it stronger, more adaptable, and even more aligned with Rotary’s core values. Rotary is not a club to join but rather an invitation to endless opportunities’

Let us appreciate those who came before us, support those who are here with us and encourage those who will join us in the future

Let us reignite our club’s purpose and vision and award it with a plan that will see us triple our potential in three years’ time. Think bigger, be bigger, and Act bigger.

We are going back to the basics in a year of opportunities.

Be excited.